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    Experienced web/interactive designer who successfully bridges the gap between visual design and front-end development. Designs the visual-side and codes the front-end (and if necessary, back-end) of web sites with a focus on clean/efficient code, adhering to web standards, and maintaining a design's visual consistency (from design comp to final, launched site). He is a strong advocate of separating content from style and behavior.

    In addition to web design/development, he has added Interaction Design to a list of interests; creating a variety of intuitive, dynamic UI solutions for several clients (including internal, proprietary solutions at his current company). He firmly believes that many of the foundational concepts developed within the browser space will drive/evolve beyond the browser into emerging mobile, television and environmental interactive spaces.

    It is his ultimate goal to make the leap from web into these new spaces, and push interactive design into its next logical phase.

    In recent years, Miles has taken charge of the design team at Caliber Media Group, and is determined to deliver design excellence through his experienced creative team.

    Creative Director at Caliber Media Group
    May 2009 – Present
    In addition to web design production responsibilities, my main duty is managing the Creative Department; guiding the visual/interactive voice for the company across web and print.
    Web Designer at Caliber Media Group
    August 2005 – May 2009
    Designs the visual-side and codes the front-end of web sites and email blast templates for a variety of clients. Additionally provides interactive scripting for HTML/standards-based sites as well as Flash-based interactive projects (including ActionScript 3).
    DVD Author / Designer at Paramount Pictures
    November 2002 – June 2003
    Created prototype DVD-based projects for Paramount Digital Entertainment. Duties included DVD menu design, authoring, and scripting.
    Multimedia Designer at Imagix Studios
    November 2001 – July 2002
    Designed / programmed multimedia CD-ROMs for clients such as Fujitsu, Thomson Learning, and Lexus.
    Multimedia Designer at TagCD e-teractive
    August 2000 – September 2001
    Worked on numerous CD-ROM projects for clients such as: Toes on the Nose, Ecko Unltd., and the XGames 2001. Duties primarily consisted of Lingo programming as well as some Flash animation and UI design.

    California State University, Fullerton – BA in Communications (Advertising emphasis)
    Graduated in 2000

    Primary Skills
    • HTML / CSS (including table-based email blasts, HTML5 and CSS3)
    • Javascript (DOM scripting)jQuery
    • Adobe Web/Design Suites
    • Flash/ActionScript (including OOP ActionScript 3.0)
    • PHP (limited)
    • MySQL (limited)
    • Separation of content, style and behavior
    • Unobtrusive scripting
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Semantic HTML (where possible)
    Additional Skills
    • Branding
    • Icon/UI Design
    Other skills include:

    Video editing, broadcast motion graphics, DVD menu authoring/design experience. Experience with Joomla CMS and OS Commerce. Also have limited experience with UNIX (command line) tasks.